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Frequently Asked Questions

How did Spartan Support Network come to be?

  • Our peer-to-peer model is inspired by the successful peer support programs at Harvard-Westlake High School in Los Angeles, CA and Wolverine Support Network (WSN) at the University of Michigan and has since been adapted to the Michigan State University campus and student body.

  • In 2017, a group of passionate students helped Michigan State University become the very first expansion university to implement this peer support model, resulting in the formation of Spartan Support Network (SSN). 

Is Spartan Support Network only for students?

  • Yes! SSN is created as a resource for MSU students.

Who leads SSN's weekly groups?

  • Weekly Groups are facilitated by Michigan State University students.

  • After an application and interview process, these students undergo a holistic mental health and well-being training from various campus resources. This helps create an environment and dialogue that is consistently safe, inclusive, and engaging. 

How many students are usually in a group?

  • Weekly Groups usually consist of 5-10 students.

When and where do Weekly Groups meet?

  • Students can select a day and time that best works with their schedule.

  • When Weekly Groups are in person, they are held in Wells Hall.  When Weekly Groups are not in person they are held online over Zoom.

  • Weekly Groups run Monday thru Thursday, in 1-hour time slots from 5-7pm each day.

Is Spartan Support Network group therapy?

  • No, our peer-facilitated Weekly Groups differ from group therapy or counseling. They are simply inclusive, comfortable, and confidential spaces for students to engage openly with one another.

Is Weekly Group only for students with mental illness?

  • No, Weekly Group is designed for all students, as we hope to address and promote mental health and well-being for all students.

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