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Members of SSN are put into groups of around 5-10 other members, which are facilitated by at least 2 leaders. In these groups, you can meet other students, talk about your week, or just bond over your favorite games! You can also hop around from group to group to find people that work best with your needs. These groups meet weekly, but there is no obligation to come every week.

Leaders are the main facilitators of our groups. They are responsible for promoting discussion and setting the atmosphere of each group. Leaders also attend weekly informational meetings and a leader training at the beginning of each semester. Additionally, leaders can attend a weekly leader group, facilitated by the directors. We encourage anyone (regardless of prior membership) to apply! 

Our director team consists of 5 members, which are responsible for different aspects of SSN's operations. Executive, Leader Development, Marketing, Operations, and Programming. Although open to anyone, Directors typically have been both a member and a leader, and are selected at the end of each year. To learn more, check out the Director and Advisor page! 


Occurring about once a month on Friday, SSN hosts our (super cool) Kickback Friday events! These events usually have some theme and/or activity in which all members of SSN can hang out, meet, and have fun. Previous events have included: craft nights, murder mystery, board game nights, talent shows, Jeopardy, powerpoint parties, and more! These events can be hosted either in person or virtually.


Want to stay in the loop for SSN happenings? We will be creating a new newsletter. Add your name and email here and we will add you to the list to be added! Check your inbox every Sunday night for the latest info on SSN news and events. If you have any trouble accessing emails, please use the contact form here.

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